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I need somebody here by me
I need a love that I can see
I need a lover I can touch
I'm not asking all that much

I need to make some sacrifice
Will the result be worth the price?
I need to take some course of action
One both heart and mind can fathom

I need a fountain for my tears
A bucket to contain my fears

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Morning Cartoons

Little footsteps
Down the hall
Wake us at the
Break of dawn
At the timid knock
You say "come in"
And you have to smile
At her morning grin
"Daddy, can I come
Lay by you?"
You grumble a bit
But you always make room
I turn the TV on
To morning cartoons
And blow you both kisses
As I leave the room

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Sun's Embrace

See the flowers, see the trees
Feel the grass beneath my feet
Feel the warm sun on my face
Scent of wind is filled with grace

Softness of it's sweet caress
It's tenderness I'll not forget
Knowing that this Spring will last
Circumventing my torn past

The warmth of this sun will not fade
Forever I'll bathe in …

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Total Synchronicity

Total synchronicity
We mold as one so perfectly
As if we were two halves of one
Union that cannot be outdone

You always know just what to say
How do you read my soul that way?
Know just when something’s on my mind
Always care to take the time

An iron will that will not yield
Such power over me you wield
A l…

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I Understand Now

I understand now, it was You
The One that my soul belongs to
I thought I knew but could not see
Just what it meant for You to bleed

I’ve heard the words, I’ve read Your voice
Sometimes it takes more than just choice
To SEE it, is to truly know
Now I can’t help but feel it SO

Oh, how You suffered, how …

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Strife to Rest

Please, God, put my strife to rest
Stop putting this child to the test
Have I not struggled enough to see
My way into eternity?

How long must I fight this battle?
Each day a new one; I can’t fathom
Why must I endure each new day?
Why must my life be spent this way?

So many out there smile free
Their lives …

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