Poetic Caresses

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The Storm Within

Forging through the storms of night
The desolation gives a fright
Must be a way out of the cold
No end to this storm is foretold

The warring factions: Night and Dawn
They’ve been at war eons too long
Perhaps it’s just the way of things
No calmness will the future bring

The standstill urges newfound rage
The storms begin a brand new stage
The fierceness of the cold and fire
The clouds rain down their pent up ire

The warring factions freeze me still
I struggle but I’m rooted here
The gale force winds they tug and sway
Until my limbs are ripped away

And now I’m rooted quite unwhole
The dawn cannot quite reach my soul
The lightning strikes without remorse
It burns its way right through my core

The winds they whisper: “choose just one”
“Just pick one limb and then move on”
The dawn screams: “don’t forget the catch”
”You still will bleed from the reject”

So, slowly do I bleed to death
Eternal from the wound that’s left
And then the lightning strikes again
To paralyze that one last limb

So now, it seems, I’ve lost them both
One removed, the other broke
The storm within it rages on
My chance of being whole is gone

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