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Strife to Rest

Please, God, put my strife to rest
Stop putting this child to the test
Have I not struggled enough to see
My way into eternity?

How long must I fight this battle?
Each day a new one; I can’t fathom
Why must I endure each new day?
Why must my life be spent this way?

So many out there smile free
Their lives as careless as could be
Why must I struggle to go on?
I get so tired of being strong

I just want some time free of pain
To show this life is not in vain
To spend some time happy; content
Without, on pain, energy spent

Please, God, put my strife to rest
I’ve grown so tired of the test
Please, God, won’t you set me free?
Free from all this misery

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What a beautiful piece, Nita.... I can empathize with your strife, dear lady. Thank you for sharing.