Poetic Caresses

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Perfect World

In a perfect world we all are free
No hiding who we wish to be
There are no masks or false “hellos”
We all go where we wish to go

No restraints to taint our hearts
No need to lie and keep up guards
We all are free to love and feel
Without the fear that it’s not real

In this world of which I speak
We all have the love we seek
No one is hurting and alone
We all have families we call home

When I slip into my dreams at night
It’s in this world that I reside
We all are there and finally see
The love and trust we’ve been missing

So hold my hands and come with me
There is a place that you must see
A place without an unfilled need
A place where true hearts can be free

I wish to share this world with you
The souls that my heart belongs to
It is a wonder to behold
Just take my hands, watch it unfold

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