Poetic Caresses

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My Own Mind

Pondering the loss of self
One’s hopes and dreams placed on a shelf
The sacrifices people make
The chances we’re afraid to take

The times we put out lives on hold
Give in until we’re numb and cold
The essence lost of who we are
Until our world is torn apart

Then something happens, fate kicks in
We must step back and look within
Examine where our path has lead
See who we’ve hurt and when we’ve bled

The introspective time has come
I’ve learned I can no longer run
I’m walking toward the future now
The walls within are coming down

Seek out the truth and set your goals
Determine what your future holds
Face up to fears your hiding from
To overcome you must not run

It’s time; I must rebuild myself
Determination won’t be quelled
I’m following my dreams this time
I’ve rediscovered my own mind

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