Poetic Caresses

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I sit and contemplate in awe
The horrific actions we just saw
They tried to bring us to our knees
But we are strong, though struck with grief

So raise that flag and raise it high
In remembrance of the ones that died
Think of the thousands of lives lost
It’s they who paid the highest cost

For a vengeance born of hate and fear
A nation stands and sheds a tear
But as a nation we stand tall
To such hatred we will not fall

We rally to freedoms’ defense
We’ll not retreat to cowardice
A world gives cry in blind outrage
Against this horror without a face

So, to those that would perpetuate
This kind of violence born of hate
Know we are strong and we are proud
Before these acts we’ll not give ground

We’ll stand together, every race
For freedom does not have a face
To protect that freedom we WILL fight
Dare to test that and feel our might

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