Poetic Caresses

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I Understand Now

I understand now, it was You
The One that my soul belongs to
I thought I knew but could not see
Just what it meant for You to bleed

I’ve heard the words, I’ve read Your voice
Sometimes it takes more than just choice
To SEE it, is to truly know
Now I can’t help but feel it SO

Oh, how You suffered, how You bled
Such painful steps You slowly tread
I cry for how You suffered now
To be Your child, I am proud

But shamed to know I shed Your blood
Not just in droplets but a flood
For I’m as guilty as are they
So many times I, too, have strayed

Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned
My thoughts betrayed you deep within
Sometimes it’s just so hard to see
You truly shed your blood for me

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