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Our Faith

Trials have knocked on our door
Yet always we’ve come through
Never truly needing more
God’s blessed us, me and you

We see the daily trials come
And face them one by one
Through faith and love we overcome
We’ve only just begun

There are promises of hope and love
If only we keep faith
True glory sent fro…

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The Choice Above

The sun will rise on a new day
There’s future memories to be made
Always new reason, love, and joy
Spring’s first whisper fresh and coy

Twilights from past days have waned
The time is now to carry on
To see the mysteries and the smiles
The hidden pleasures of life’s miles

To glean new knowledge climb …

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Wondrous Love

This feeling flooding through my veins
It is so strong I can’t refrain
Refrain from speaking out of it
Fearsome my lack will cause it quit

It courses through me as if blood
My heart and soul are over-run
I feel my senses taking leave
Its overwhelming thought and deed

I look upon this love of fire
And feel …

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Run Away

Will you run away
With me;
Escape these bonds
So emcombering

The stresses this world
Keeps bringing;
There must be a way
To set us free

Let's run and leave
The world behind
We'll go some where they
Cannot find

Life is too short to
Spend our time
Working so hard we
Lose our mind

So, take my hand
Let's run away

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Time elapses; trepidatingly, excruciatingly
It drips from its continuum to surround us
Forcing us forward, willingly or not
Inexorably toward our future destinies

Like ants in an anthill we march forward
Unaware of the gargantuan forces surrounding us
We trudge though our days, with or without purpose

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Ode To The Computer Age

Oh, welcome to
The modern day
Where everything happens
In a technical way

Where the world beyond
Is called cyber space
And everything's viewed
Through an interface!

Where the computer is now
Our best friend
And the only one
Still there in the end

Because we never leave
The computer chair
To take a shower
Or brush …

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The Mind

My mind is like a flower
Thoughts blooming all about it
Like a tornado ravaging the land
Pictures fold in my mind
Reforming new shapes with different
And wonderful meanings
Dreams encompass me like
The universe about the globe
As I see the vast possibilities
Of unknown intelligence
Dancing around me
I am but a…

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I sit and contemplate in awe
The horrific actions we just saw
They tried to bring us to our knees
But we are strong, though struck with grief

So raise that flag and raise it high
In remembrance of the ones that died
Think of the thousands of lives lost
It’s they who paid the highest cost

For a vengeance b…

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My Own Mind

Pondering the loss of self
One’s hopes and dreams placed on a shelf
The sacrifices people make
The chances we’re afraid to take

The times we put out lives on hold
Give in until we’re numb and cold
The essence lost of who we are
Until our world is torn apart

Then something happens, fate kicks in
We must…

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Perfect World

In a perfect world we all are free
No hiding who we wish to be
There are no masks or false “hellos”
We all go where we wish to go

No restraints to taint our hearts
No need to lie and keep up guards
We all are free to love and feel
Without the fear that it’s not real

In this world of which I speak
We al…

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Trip the Dance

Mired in the strains of days
Mores confines me in this cage
Expectations push my bounds
Limits met, essence is drowned

Labor to meet all demands
Caught up short fall to my hands
Cry in outrage at the strain
The tension too much to contain

So-called 'help' a hindrance
Up the tempo, trip the dance
Delivering th…

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A myriad of paths this
Life leads me to wonder
The endless expanses of
Time I have pondered

Searching for something
Too often just squandered
That this world has not
As yet chosen to proffer

A light that eludes the
Dark reaches of mind
And illumination of
Soul I must find

Pensively groping for
Answers, I’ve stri…

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Fly With Me

Fly with me
Join me in the clouds
High above the sea
We'll soar over the land
And through the trees
Through the mountain tops
Where only birds can see

Fly with me
You may hold my hand
As you hold my heart
We'll fly over the land
We'll see all the things
Only God can see
While you fly with me

Fly with me
Through th…

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The Storm Within

Forging through the storms of night
The desolation gives a fright
Must be a way out of the cold
No end to this storm is foretold

The warring factions: Night and Dawn
They’ve been at war eons too long
Perhaps it’s just the way of things
No calmness will the future bring

The standstill urges newfound rage

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The branch that snaps off in the breeze
The storm that carries it with ease
The tree so brittle, worn and dry
Winds decimate it each dark night

It’s been through times of drought and rain
Knowing it would bloom again
The droughts, they leave it brittle; old
The rains renew, inspire growth

In times of drou…

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Heart Over Mind

Sometimes the heart
Must rule the mind
Sometime the mind is wrong
Sometimes the mind says
"Give it up"
That's when the heart
Holds strong
Some people say
"Mind conquers all"
"Mind over matter"
Is their battle call
But I see it quite the other way
The heart holds true
When the mind will stray
So, when life gets a …

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I see a landscape in my mind
That I could travel for all time
A bit of heaven, it would seem
Went into sculpting such a dream

A sparkling blue with this land sees
A rolling motion as it breaths
Two perfect arches cap the blue
Above a bridge that’s perfect too

Sensuous crescent is below
Tented with the hue …

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Giving Tree

Let me tell you ‘bout this flower
That was once sickly and blue
Just could not seem to live up to
All that life had put it through

Its petals were all wilted
Its stem a graying stalk
The sun just seemed to miss it
Nor did it get raindrops

All of the other flowers
They seemed to shy away
‘Cause none of them …

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I Understand Now

I understand now, it was You
The One that my soul belongs to
I thought I knew but could not see
Just what it meant for You to bleed

I’ve heard the words, I’ve read Your voice
Sometimes it takes more than just choice
To SEE it, is to truly know
Now I can’t help but feel it SO

Oh, how You suffered, how …

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Distant Land

Gentle waves ripple softly
Crest and break against me
Enveloping me
In their warm embrace
A slight breeze of uncertainty
Sends shivers up my spine
A moments lapse
In the warm tide
Allowing the breeze it’s touch
Quickly the wind of uncertainty
Again I am drawn into the waves
Softly held in their gras…

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